Product Overview

LDT is a patented, graphical aid for analyzing, modeling, and implementing digital control systems. With LDT, all logical conditions and actions are PLA_array_01displayed in a manner where they may be viewed, considered, specified, executed, and analyzed before the logic is implemented. System design efforts in LDT result in precise functional specifications that can be directly implemented in hardware, or automatically in software. This drastically reduces or eliminates human error. LDT also displays the logic with multiple views and actions, so the designer has a greater chance of exposing design errors. By completing the design work up front — not piecemeal — LDT saves significant analysis, integration, test, and debug time.

LDT is based upon a canonical representation of logic that does not rely on Boolean equations (e.g. if A and B or C are true, then D is true), yet displays a source_code_01specification that is complete (no unspecified cases) and unambiguous (only one action is specified for each case). This same ‘black box’ representation can be applied to any combinatorial, sequential, or asynchronous digital system. LDT is essentially CAD/CAM for logic.

Since the domain of LDT is not limited to software, it has applicability in any digital system.  Thus, LDT can be used everywhere 1s and 0s exist.